Matt 19:14(NLV)  Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them!”  Jesus loves kids and so do we.   Hope Church Children’s Ministry offers special learning environments for all ages – each child can grow and develop their own personal walk with Jesus and have fun too!

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  • Kindergarten through 5th grade | Electro-City

    When? Sundays at 10 am

    K – 5th grade students have their own “just for kids” service! In Hope Church Children’s Ministry’s brand new Power City classroom, we have lessons made for young inquisitive minds. The kids service is activity packed and tons of fun! Elementary Kids experience the POWER of God’s Word and presence each week in a fun filled, faith charged environment.

  • Preschool Lions

    Preschool | LIONS

    When? Sundays at 10 am

    The Bible makes it obvious that Jesus loves children and children love him too! That’s why Hope Church Children’s Ministry wants your 2-4 year olds to feel loved, secure, and have opportunities each week to experience God’s love, develop passion for Him, learn the Word, and have fun designed just for them. Teachers are waiting to spend time with your children during Sunday morning services. You can relax knowing your child is safe. Our security system provides that you will be contacted if your child needs you during the service and that only you the parent or guardian may check in and check out your child. Learning IOur Next Step. This is why our hope kids 2-PreK kids are L.I.O.N.S.

  • Nursery Lambs

    Nursery | LAMBS

    When? Sundays at 10 am.
    We believe it is a great responsibility to provide parents of infants and babies a nursery where caregivers are ready to love, protect, and take care of your little one(s) while you attend the service or event at Hope Church. Our security system is in place so that you will be contacted if your child needs you during the service and only you may drop off and pick up your baby. We believe that church isn’t just at the building, but where you are during the week with your baby as well. Our goal is for your baby to have Loving Attention that Makes Babies Secure.
    This is why our hope kids ages 0-24 months are L.A.M.B.S.